SANITY HEALTH is a macro business project that was born in 2020 to become the most important producer of surgical masks type I, II and IIR and FFP2 and 3 in Europe.

In May 2020 we inaugurated the first production plant in the province of Albacete and in a 12/18 month development plan, with significant investments in machinery, facilities and personnel, we aim to produce 150 million surgical masks per month and around 50 million FFP2 and 3.

The project in its full development will generate about 600 direct jobs, with several plants spread throughout the national territory with about 12,000 m2 of industrial land and with European quality standards, with EU certifications and approvals and therefore with maximum reliability.

The experience of the Sixty Group in the export field will make the rapid internationalisation of the SANITY HEALTH product feasible, although our main vocation will be to supply the national market, as long as the demand and the need so requires.

At present, 95% of our mask production comes from the Eastern market and Europe is fully dependent on the commercial standards set by the Eastern market. Only large-scale projects such as SANITY HEALTH can make us self-sufficient in the production of this sanitary material, without depending on the speculative fluctuations of the market, both for the finished product and the raw materials.